What We Believe

The Baptist Faith & Message


We are followers of Jesus Christ, Christians, by faith and Southern Baptist by choice and we are not ashamed of it. 

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As to article 6 of the BFAM and since we are an autonomous body, we here at Trion Heights Baptist Church also believe and practice the teachings of Scripture that the office of deacon, as it pertains to the local church, is also limited to men only as qualified by Scripture. 


Living a life changed by Jesus Christ

It is our vision to live a life changed by Jesus Christ so other lives can be changed by Jesus.
As we live a life changed by Jesus, we cannot help but take the wonderful message of what He did on the cross to everyone we meet.  When the Gospel of Jesus Christ is lived out in individual lives and local congregations, others will  notice His love, His peace, and His presence.
When this happens, other lives can be changed by Jesus too. 

Jesus desires to build His Church from every believer

We believe every follower of Jesus Christ should be connected to a local congregation.  Jesus said He would build His church, and in doing so, He has gifted each follower with some talent, gift, or ability to strengthen His Church.  Though we come from different backgrounds and occupations, Jesus said that the world will know we are His by the way we love each other.
None of us are perfect. But being redeemed, we have been called to love and serve a God who will help change us daily to become more like His Son.  Let us join together with other like minded followers so lives can be changed by Jesus Christ.